About Us

Tacti-grip fishing is the brainchild of 2 outdoorsmen who happen to be brother in-laws. After a long weekend of ice fishing Matt and Jeff we’re sitting around talking about fishing and noticed that they were sore from the weekend of fishing. Wishing that there was an easier way that didn’t tire out your shoulder from all day jigging.

That’s when it hit them, why not change the angle of your wrist to be more ergonomic? At this point the research began and many different prototypes were born. Finally we found a product that we were both very happy with. The best part is you can take and move the Tacti-Grip handle from pole to pole faster than it takes to change tackle. We have added some great features to make the Tacti-Grip even more awesome.

We hollowed out the inside of the handle so you can insert a heater element and keep the handle at a balmy 90 degrees in your hand. If the day is warm enough and you are hole hoping you can put a divider in the handle so you can store your tackle or bait. As fisherman we knew some things we wanted to add to improve the Tacti-Grip. We hate needing to carry around a pair of nail clippers to change out our bait. We solved this issue by adding an optional line cutter into the right side of the Tacti-Grip.

With further discussion we also remembered a time when our father in law dropped his ice fishing pole down into his ice hole. We just knew we needed to add a lanyard onto the base as an additional option.

As you can see this is something we took our personal experiences and turned them into Tacti-Grip in hopes of helping out other outdoorsmen.