Installing the Tacti-Grip onto the pole

  1. Take Bushings A and put the long one on top and short one on bottom of rod over the Rod grip end. If you don’t plan to remove the handle you can wrap the bushings in electrical tape to keep them lined up on the pole.
    • Bushing A are the standard rod bushings. The long ones are used for open end poles.
    • Bushing B are used for small diameter rod end poles.
  2. Slide the grip over the bushings until the bushings meet the front of the grip.
  3. Tighten the wing bolt until it is snug. DO NOT over tighten the wing bolt.

Installing the Heating elements into the handle

  1. Loosen up cover the screw enough to let the cover drop down. Once it’s loose turn the cover around.
  2. Open up the heating elements and remove the sticky back off of one. Fold the element in half like a taco and let sit out for 10 mins until it is fully warmed up.
  3. Slide the element into the Tacti-Grip until it stops. Rotate the cover back under the handle and tighten the screw back snug.
    1. The Tact-Grip handle will stay around 90 F for around 6 hrs. in your hand.